Armor Grid Wargaming Circuit

Armor Grid: Rapid Attack Campaign Circuit Creation

A log of the AG Circuit games and progress

I don’t imagine this will be updated often.

My goal is to run a game of Armor Grid: Rapid Attack every once in a while. Maybe with my hometown friends, maybe with those here in Columbus. Maybe they’ll be completely new players, maybe not, or maybe I’ll do a few sessions at a con in Hudson here and there.

Either way, I’m hoping it’ll be fun, and that all the work I’ll put into cutting and gluing papercraft miniatures, terrain, stat cards, and other supplemental materials will be very well worth it. If not then, meh, it was worth a try.

Ideally, this Adventure Log will more-so track the progress of the game creation process (I’ve printed two standard armies, haven’t made them yet) and also a tracking of when games are actually played. If people give me Commander Names for themselves, I’ll track here when they play, and either create them as characters or simply have the army factions themselves be characters. Haven’t decided yet.

But we’ll see.



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